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24K Everlasting Gold Roses
24K Everlasting Gold Roses
24K Everlasting Gold Roses
24K Everlasting Gold Roses
24K Everlasting Gold Roses

24K Everlasting Gold Roses

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Our Everlasting Gold Rose is a timeless git that never

Treat that Someone Special in your life to a timeless, petal-perfect
present with this absolutely gorgeous keepsake!


Everlasting Gold Rose is plucked at the peak of beauty and
preserved in lacquer, then hand-dipped in gold! Each
beautiful rose is handcrafed by skilled artisans in a
meticulous process that spans five days and will arrive
elegantly gift-wrapped.

A gorgeous symbol of love, beauty and appreciation, this
24K gold plated, foil rose will last forever, just like the love
you share! Can you think of a more romantic gift, than a
rose at the peak of its beauty, a rose that has an eternal
bloom? Perfect for any special occasion, this elegant and
beautuful floral offering can be gifted for Valentine's Day,
Mother's Day, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, and so on.
Give it to the most special person in your life. It's a
wonderfully romantic way to decorate a room, or an
intimate dinner table set for two. Display it in a restaurant,
a store or it can even be used for an eye-catching
decora_on in a hotel.


These high-quality, Everlasting Gold Roses are absolutely
gorgeous. The real rose preserved and hand-dipped in 24K
gold, while the leaf petals are plastic with very thin, 24K
gold foil plate. The stem is made of Polyethylene, and is
also gold plated.


  • Rose Length- Approximately 10" (25cm)
  • Flower Diameter- Approximately 3" (8cm)
  • Rose Weight- Approximately 10g


  • Express your undying love with this timeless gold foil rose!
  • Comes with lovely gift box
  • Elegantly crafted to look both beautiful and realistic
  • Material: Gold Foil
  • Package Includes: 1 x Flower and 1 x Box
  • Choose from Gold, Red, Blue, Pink or Purple Rose